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- Ryozai-Ya's heat stroke prevention products -
ALL Made in JAPAN !!

Proof of trust on “Horay-World”
  1. Authorization of METI : Innovative Manufacturing support project 2017 on small & middle business.
    (METI : Japan ministry of Economy Trade and Industry)
  2. Authorization of METI :Innovative Manufacturing support project 2015 on small & middle business.
  3. Authorization of METI :Support project of new products 2014 on small & middle business.
  4. Market achievements :“Horay-World” is the best selling of cooling vest in Japan.

" What is Horay World ??"
Please watch the video below!

horay-world presentation in english To everyone working in extreme heat !!
You can see the PDF file introducing the latest version of Horay World in 2018 from the picture on the left!

Horay Cooling Vest Polar Bear
Polar Bear family

In the video below, introduce the results of comparative experiments of ice packs, and the products of Horay World.
Please have a look.

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