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1. Cooling Vest "Horei Vest V2"
 (Icing Vest V2)

Perfect solution for working in extreme heat environments!
Bestselling cooling vest!
Capable of long-time persistence of optimum temperature with our newly-developed advanced ice pack!

Seeking heat stress relief, Ryozai-Ya's cooling vest is just right for you, even for Mr. Polar Bear!

Cooling vest Horei Vest V2 main piture

Cooling vest Horei Vest V2 detail piture

■ Exclusive features
1. Ice pack at optimum temperature! (ergonomically-designed temperature)
Repeated research and development realize a comfortable temperature to keep your body cool during extreme work environments at 35℃ or higher.The ice pack has been refined coupled with multiple chemical component compositions and a window shape on cooling surface for strong cooling.

Ice Packs picture
The design right of India has been registered.
Registration No. 289451 (22/06/2016)

2. Long-lasting cooling power!
(Cools for a half day (3 - 4 hours) with temperature over 35℃)

3. Easy to wear and move! (with flexibility)

4. Hard mesh for breathability and stain resistance
The vest is essential to work on scorching hot days, but it is difficult to wash every day.
With hard mesh material instead of cloth, our vest delivers a solution to the problem, providing not only breathability and but also stain resistance for less washing.

■ Check out the differences between ice packs!!
* Commercialized cooling vests with common ice packs for food are sometimes seen.
Here is the result of a comparative experiment of an ice pack for Cooling Vest V2 and a common ice pack.

Comparison of common ice pack and V2 ice pack
Variations in temperature of ice packs (at room temperature of 28℃)
Ice Packs test picture

■ Reason of long-lasting cooling power
Additional chemical components allow our ice pack to have made a quantum leap in performance, compared with common ice packs. Ryozai-Ya's cooling vest uses the most suitable ice pack.

Our newly-developed ice pack:
Water + Multiple additives + Water absorptive polymer
→ Superior in stability of optimum temperature for human and of long cooling time.

Common ice pack:
Water + Water absorptive polymer
→ Cold retention effect the same as water or ice

■ Duration of cooling
This vest stays at consistently cool temperature for 3 to 4 hours in over 35°C heat.
 (The duration of cooling varies with usage environment.)

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2. Cooling Back Support “Town Cool V2”
Town Cool V2 Main Picture
Town Cool V2 Detail Picture
Town Cool V2 Shirokuma Picture

■ Ryozai-Ya's four inventive, innovative features!
1. Advanced high-tech coolant
Town Cool provides ‘ long-lasting cooling power’, ‘ dew condensation suppression’ and ‘ gentle cooling sensation’!
The ingredients of common ice packs are ‘water + water absorptive polymer’, in other words, just ‘ice’. Regular ice can be too cold for the body and melts in a short period of time. However, Ryozaiya’s proprietary ice pack containing special components provide 3-4 hours of cooling relief at optimum temperature for body!

Town Cool V2 Ice Pack Picture

2. Multilayer for trapping coolness
A scientific analysis and optimization of heat-retaining properties and thermal conductivity as a back support brace led us to the new-developed multilayer composed of three outer ice pack layers and two back support layers!
Town cool V2 jikken Picture

3. Lightweight and close-fitting!
Weighing only 400g, Town Cool's tight-fitting support design keeps cool.
Town Cool V2 has the solutions you need to beat the heat while at home and work in various situations!

4. Easy self-application and adjustment with a waist belt!
  • Heat insulating on the back of the support enabling long-lasting cooling relief
  • Secures shoulder strap ends with elastic bands
  • Anchors around the waist with a belt for better fit
  • One-touch application with a buckle
  • Mesh shoulder straps that are soft and comfortable against the skin

Town Cool V2 Detail Picture

■ Duration of cooling
A single ice pack stays at consistently cool temperature for a half day (3 to 4 hours).
(The duration of cooling varies with usage environment.)

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* This product can be purchased from the Flipkart page only.

3. Cooling Icing Support for Muscle
  • Easy and quick preparation in 5 seconds!
  • All-in-one design that fits any body part such as shoulder, legs, arms.
  • Ultimate level of icing ability!
Cooling Icing Support for Muscle Main Picture

■ Three exclusive features
1. No haste! Easy preparation in 5 seconds!
Our Cooling Icing Support is ready to use once the ice pack is put in.
The ice pack can be recharged in a freezer at home overnight!

2. All-in-one design!
Stress-free for a user to wrap an affected area with the icing support with the freezing ice pack inserted!
The all-in-one design fits shoulder, knee, elbow or any body part!

Cooling Icing Support for Muscle detail picture * Anywhere in your body has potential for injuries or fatigue.
A single Cooling Icing Support offers relief from pain anywhere without waiting.

3. Superior icing ability!
The icing support features the newly-developed advanced ice pack and special fabric to provide pressure cooling.
Cooling Icing Support for Muscle Ice Packs picture Cooling Icing Support for Muscle jikken picture

■ Help relieve pain and discomfort from these common ailments:
Cooling Icing Support for Muscle illust picture

Ice pack types
  • Antifreeze ice pack: Lasts for 20 - 30 min (for quick icing such as after playing sports)
  • Half-freeze ice pack: Lasts for 40 - 60 min (for icing at constant temperature for a long time to reduce swelling and pain)

Special fabric has good stretchability allowing pressure cooling.

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* This product can be purchased from the Flipkart page only.