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Perfect solution for working in extreme heat environments!
Bestselling ice cooling vest in Japan!
Keeps at comfortable cooling temperature for a long time with our Innovative Ice Packs!

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A-MEC exhibited “Horay World”, at NSC-Expo 2019 San Diego, the largest exhibition on safety in the United States
Date: September 9-11, 2019 San Diego (California, USA)
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The video below is a wearing video of a Horay Cooling vest.

■ Exclusive features
1. Ice pack at comfortable temperature!
(ergonomically-designed temperature)

Repeated research and development realize a comfortable temperature to keep your body cool during extreme work environments at 35℃(95°F) or higher. The ice pack has been refined coupled with multiple chemical component compositions and a window shape on cooling surface for strong cooling.
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2. Long-lasting cooling power!
(Cools for a half day (3 - 4 hours) with temperature over 35℃=95°F)

3. Easy to wear and move! (with flexibility)
4. Hard mesh for breathability and stain resistance
The vest is essential to work on scorching hot days, but it is difficult to wash every day. With hard mesh material instead of cloth, our vest delivers a solution to the problem, providing not only breathability and but also stain resistance for less washing.

■ Check out the differences between ice packs!!
* Commercialized cooling vests with common ice packs for food are sometimes seen.
Here is the result of a comparative experiment of an ice pack for Horay ice vest and a common ice pack.

Comparison of common ice pack and Innovative ice pack
Variations in temperature of ice packs (at room temperature of 28℃=82.4°F)

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■ Reason of long-lasting cooling power
Additional chemical components allow our ice pack to have made a quantum leap in performance, compared with common ice packs. Ryozai-Ya's cooling vest uses the most suitable ice pack.

Our newly-developed ice pack:
Water + Multiple additives + Water absorptive polymer
→ Superior in stability of optimum temperature for human and of long cooling time.

Common ice pack:
Water + Water absorptive polymer
→ Cold retention effect the same as water or ice

■ Duration of cooling
AThis vest stays at consistently cool temperature for 3 to 4 hours in over 35°C(95°F) heat.
 (The duration of cooling varies with usage environment.)

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