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■ Ryozai-Ya's four inventive, innovative features!
1.Innovative Ice Packs
Town Cool provides ‘ long-lasting cooling power’,‘ dew condensation suppression’ and ‘ gentle cooling sensation’!
The ingredients of common ice packs are ‘water + water absorptive polymer’, in other words, just ‘ice’. Regular ice can
be too cold for the body and melts in a short period of time. However, Ryozai-ya’s proprietary ice pack containing
special components provide 3-4 hours of cooling relief at optimum temperature for body!

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2. Multilayer for trapping coolness
A scientific analysis and optimization of heat-retaining properties and thermal conductivity as a back support brace
led us to the new-developed multilayer composed of three outer ice pack layers and two back support layers!

Temperature measurement with infrared thermography

3. Lightweight and close-fitting!
Weighing only 400g, Town Cool's tight-fitting support design keeps cool.
Town Cool V2 has the solutions you need to beat the heat while at home and work in various situations!

4. Easy self-application and adjustment with a waist belt!
  • Heat insulating on the back of the support enabling long-lasting cooling relief
  • Secures shoulder strap ends with elastic bands
  • Anchors around the waist with a belt for better fit
  • One-touch application with a buckle
  • Mesh shoulder straps that are soft and comfortable against the skin

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■ Duration of cooling
A single ice pack stays at consistently cool temperature for a half day (3 to 4 hours).
(The duration of cooling varies with usage environment.)

It will be on sale at in afew months!
*for American.

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