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Horay Cooling Vest for Doggy
protects your doggy from heat stroke while staying outside
maintains the ideal temperature with Innovative Ice Packs!

Horay Cooling Vest for Doggy main picture

A-MEC exhibited Horay World to SuperZoo 2019 (Las Vegas), the world's largest pet industry exhibition!
(Sponsored by WPA (the World Pet Association))

horay cooling vest for doggy presentation in english You can see the PDF file introducing the latest version of Horay Cooling Vest for Doggy in 2020 from the picture on the left!

Cooling power is 12 times more than evaporative cooling types with the Innovative Ice Packs!
A new, incredible cooling power! Innovative Ice Packs!

"Horay Cooling Vest for Doggy", unlike standard cooling vests for dogs, is much cooler thanks to its newly developed Innovative Ice Pack System.

■Comparison with conventional products
Standard dog cooling vests (evaporative cooling)
The vest is soaked in water and cools doggy by evaporation. Humans regulate their body heat by perspiration and its evaporation, but animals with few sweat glands like dogs cannot perspire like humans. evaporative cooling vests mimic sweating, which means, only a moderate cooling effect can be expected from them. Furthermore, when the humidity is high, evaporation is hindered, and the cooling effect drastically reduced. The reason why humans feel hotter in humid climates is that the thermoregulation performed by sweating is significantly more difficult.

Horay Cooling Vest for Doggy (Innovative Ice Pack System)
This Innovative Ice Pack System combines several chemicals in order to maintain the best comfortable cooling temperature for a long time. Unlike the ice packs used for food, this one has been developed specifically to cool people and dogs. (Certified by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry program for new products and services) This is why it can achieve 12 times as much cooling power as the vaporization heat vests! (calculated in Kcal as a temperature gradient) This is a must-have item when you walk your doggy on a hot paved street. If you already own a cooling vest (vaporization heat system), please try it alongside Horay Cooling Vest for Doggy and compare the results. Your dog's happy reaction will be completely different.

Comparison of Horay Cooling Vest for Doggy and a evaporative cooling cool vest (thermography)
Comparison of Horay Vest -Bow- and a vaporization heat system cool vest (thermography)

■Product features
  • A cooling vest for dog using an Innovative Ice Pack System!
  • Your dog's back is kept cool and comfortable thanks to the Innovative Ice Pack!
  • The most comfortable temperature for dogs, established through several experiments, is maintained for between 60 and 90 minutes.
  • 12 times as much cooling power as evaporative cooling vest! (calculated in Kcal as a temperature gradient)
  • It can be placed under (or over) a harness lead.
  • Dogs are covered with hair, and they are hit more directly by radiant heat than humans since they walk closer to the ground.
Let's help them fight the heat as early as possible!
(April or May)

■Horay Cooling Vest for Doggy presentation & introduction movie

"Horay Cooling Vest for Doggy"
Actual wearing photograph

Pomeranian picture 1
Pomeranian (3kg)
Toy poodle picture 1
Toy poodle (4.7kg)
Miniature Schnauzer picture 1
Miniature Schnauzer (6.2kg)
Pomeranian picture 2
Pomeranian (4kg)
Miniature Dachshund picture 1
Miniature Dachshund (3.2kg)
Pomeranian picture 3
Pomeranian (3kg)

Small Size
Shiba Inu picture 1
Shiba Inu (6kg, Thin type)
Toy poodle picture 2
Toy poodle (GUGU)
Miniature Schnauzer picture 2
Miniature Schnauzer (SHU)
Pomeranian picture 4
Pomeranian (YUME)
Pomeranian picture 5
Pomeranian (YUZU)

Medium Size
Shiba Inu picture 3
Mame Shiba Inu (L:虎徹(KOTETSU),13 years old, 7kg R:蒼空(SORA), 10 years old, 7kg)
Shiba Inu picture 2
Shiba Inu (10kg)
Toy poodle picture 3
Toy poodle (7kg)

Miniature Bull Terrier picture 1
Miniature Bull Terrier
(BEKO (Female), 8 years old, 11kg)
Shiba Inu picture 4
Shiba Inu (YAMATO 11kg)
Shiba Inu picture 5
Shiba Inu picture 6
Mame Shiba Inu (SUBARU)

Large Size
Border Collie picture 1
Border Collie (17kg)
Shiba Inu picture 7
Shiba Inu (KORO, 12kg)
TAN-TAN picture 1
Australian Labradoodle
(譚譚(TAN-TAN), 1 year 7 months, 9.5kg)
CHIYORI picture 1
Pit bull(CHIYORI, 10 months, 21kg)
Hank of 5th Street picture 1 Hank of 5th Street picture 2
French bulldog (Hank of 5th Street, 2 years old, 13kg)
MIX DOG piture 1
MIX (Corona)
American Cockers Spaniel picture 1
American Cockers Spaniel
French bulldog picture 1
French bulldog (ぼお)

X-Large Size
Borzoi picture 1
Borzoi (JAM)
Great Pyrenees picture 1
Great Pyrenees (SHIRATAMA)
Chow Chow picture 1
Chow Chow (CHA CHA)
Golden retriever picture 1
Golden retriever (Duffy)
Samoyed picture 1
Samoyed (CANDY)
Golden retriever picture 2
Golden retriever (MUSASHI)

■Product Specifications

Horay Cooling Vest for Doggy set content

Target dog size SS Neck: 21cm-29cm
Chest: 18cm-34cm
S Neck: 24cm-33cm
Chest: 45cm-54cm
M Neck: 33cm-42cm
Chest: 45cm-54cm
L Neck: 42cm-53cm
Chest: 50cm-70cm
XL Neck: 53cm-70cm
Chest: 64cm-94cm
Target dog example SS Ultra small dogs such as Chihuahuas, Pomeranian, Yorkshire Terrier and small small dogs
S Large compact dogs such as toy poodle, shih tzu, maltese
M Small medium-sized dogs such as Shiba Inu, Corgi, French Bulldog, Spitz
L Large medium dogs such as bulldogs, bull terriers, Labrador retriever, and large dogs
XL Large dogs such as Golden Retriever, Siberian Husky
Measurement method of size (approximate)
dog size measure picture Left figure A: Neck (neck base around)
Left figure B: Waist circumference (bisected between front and back legs, the thickest part from the front)

Product size SS Vertical (Length): 19.5 cm
Horizontal: 46 cm (including belt)
S Vertical (Length): 19.5 cm
Horizontal: 53 cm (including belt)
M Vertical (Length): 19.5 cm
Horizontal: 72.5 cm (including belt)
L Vertical (Length): 20 cm
Horizontal: 83 cm (including belt)
XL Vertical (Length): 25 cm
Horizontal: 110 cm (including belt)
Product fabric Polyester 100%
Ice packs Weight: 80 g × 2 (SS size, S size)
   100 g × 2 (M size)
   155 g × 2 (L size)
   300g ×2 (XL size)
Cooling time Cooling time: 60 - 90min (SS size, S size)
   75 - 100min (M size)
   90 - 120min (L size)
   180 - 240min (XL size) (It varies depending on the climate of the place of use. Please consider us as a guide.)

The ice pack made in our company are completely safe!
We do not use dangerous chemicals such as ethylene glycol or anti-molding agents!

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*for American.

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